Solar Outdoor Lamp™ | With solar energy & sensor

Solar Outdoor Lamp™ | With solar energy & sensor

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Save a lot of money on your energy bill and let the light turn on automatically in dark places with poor visibility!
Thanks to the Solar Outdoor Light you always have a very good light in dark places. Protect your garden, terrace and your property with the Solar Outdoor Lamp. No one will ever walk over your grounds unseen again.

The Solar Buitenlamp works on solar energy. When someone approaches the lamp, they will register this through the sensor and then the bright LED light will start shining. This way you can make dark and unsafe places safe again and you can prevent theft of your belongings.

sensor lamp


Why everyone is enthusiastic about the Solar Outdoor Lamp:

Wide range - The sensor has a range of up to 8 meters. Because of this, the lamp will switch on quickly, so no one has to walk through the dark and unwanted guests will always be seen.

Waterproof - The outdoor lamp is heat-resistant and waterproof. This ensures that it continues to work perfectly in all weather conditions.

Adjustable - You can adjust the outside light at an angle of 180°. This allows you to adjust it to a perfect angle so it shines light exactly where you want it to. It also allows you to make sure it catches the sunlight well.

Saving money - Because the outdoor light works on solar energy you always have free light without the cost of a high energy bill. Thanks to the sensor you can also save a lot of energy because the lamp only switches on when it is really needed. This allows you to save a lot of money.

LED lighting - The lamp has no less than 36 LED lamps. This allows you to have bright light in an energy efficient way. In addition, these lamps last a very long time.

    solar buitenlamp


    Materiaal: ABS
    Breedte: 8 cm
    Lengte: 16 cm
    Waterbestendig: Ja

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