Perfect Egg Timer

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This Amazing Timer Will Change Color To Show When Your Eggs Are Ready!


Do you need a perfectly cooked egg for your salad or other dishes? Then this Perfect Egg Timer is for you!

The Perfect Egg Timer lets you follow exactly what is going on inside the egg. Graduated scales show when eggs are soft, medium, or hard by sensing heat instead of time. Now you can enjoy soft boiled eggs exactly as you like them. Hard-boiled eggs are no longer overcooked, so they have the perfectly colored yolks and smooth texture all the time!


  • MOST INNOVATIVE COLOR CHANGING EGG TIMER - The main purpose of the Egg Timer is to indicate how far you heated up the egg whether a boiled egg is a soft, medium, or hard. Our egg timers will give you the result you wish and the perfect state of the boil as per your preference either one egg or with a dozen too.
  • SUPER EASY USAGE - Simply Place Timer in Boiling Water with the Eggs and watch it change color as you cook from red to purple, which starts with the outside and moving towards the center. When the color change reaches your desired spot on the scale of soft to hard-boiled, simply take your perfectly cooked eggs out and enjoy!
  • PREMIUM NONTOXIC HEAT-RESISTANT RESIN MATERIAL - This smart egg boiler timer comes in 2 x 1,5 inches size and made of 100% food grade and heat resistant nontoxic Resin material. It is very durable and ѕіmрlу WON’T break, crack, dіѕсоlоr, wаrр, mеlt оr flаkе аwау. FDA approved and BPA Frее which means non-toxic and safe to use for your family anytime.


  • Material: Resin
  • Color: Red
  • Size: 4.1cm x 5.7cm x 3.5cm