Baby Bath Toys Sunflower Sprinkler Showers Toys, Baby Bath Toys, Bathtub Faucet Spray Bathroom Toys Funny Water Play Set

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Sunflower toys baby🍼 bath water shower earphone bath fountain toy sprinkle water bath 💦head for kid children gifts🎁

🌈Hand press without sunflower battery in this page, manual, manual water hand press don't press no water oh! Do not install batteries! We have sunflower toys with battery, check automatic live outlet!🌈

These are sunflower sprinklers that are pressed into the water by hand. Press to recycle water automatically. Press straight. Manual for the age of 3 For a child, just have the strength to press the open light of water. 

🌈After the electric battery, electric over 3 years old and under 3 years old apply, automatic water press, parents should play a supervisory role, so as not to sprinkle all soak in water, remember.🌈